About Us

I am a work at home mom with 3 amazing little ones. Eli is 8, Owen is 5 and Evie is 2 years. They are my daily inspiration for these designs and love "helping" Mommy work. This is also where we got "E & O Applique Designs". Even though their names are short we always seem to call the boys E or O. And, since they are both TRAIN NUTS E & O seemed to remind me of something train related. Maybe it was the countless games of Monopoly and the B & O Railroad ;)

My husband and I owned our own embroidery business for quite a few years and found myself with tons of ideas of designs I wanted but just couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. So, I decided to start digitizing my own. Since I have a background in design and marketing it was a fun and exciting transition! 

My "bread and butter" for our embroidery business was holiday and birthday shirts. I did tons of other things as well but those were my constant sellers. It didn't matter the season, birthday shirts always sold and each season had a holiday so they were the perfect addition. I love creating new designs for each holiday as well as think of some fun birthday options.

When I design I always think about doing a fantastic design that is easy for those stitching it out. If you do this for fun it lets you get even more done in the same amount of time. If you do this for income it helps keep your profit up there! The less time it takes to stitch something out the more orders you can get done!

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