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Craft Fair Display Idea

Craft Fair Display Idea

When we sold embroidered items we did tons of craft fairs.  Small ones, big ones, successful ones, total duds ;)

This past fall we did a popular craft fair again just to get an idea of what customers thought of our designs and help us create items that would sell well.  We focused mostly on bibs, hooded towels and pillows.  It reminded me how important displays are!

A friend who does craft fairs let me borrow her riser to display my pillows and hooded towels.  It worked well but we did make a few tweaks later so it was even better for our items.

This is how the original riser was:

This setup worked well but I couldn't use that top shelf because there wasn't a back to keep the items from falling over.  So we tweaked it a bit and made one with a small back to help keep our products from falling off and allowed us to use all the steps on it.

Here is our newer version:

Same idea just added a small part for the back top.  Now, this worked to allow a few items on the back but if we added another board in the back it allowed us to use the entire back row as shown here

For this option I would suggest nailing those back two pieces together to form an L so it is sturdy enough.

To cover all this stuff we just used a few yards of black fleece and threw it over (don't forget your lint brush because as you can see from our picture it shows every tiny speck of lint!)

This breaks down very easily to transport to and from shows.  My one suggestion for breaking down would be to glue the PVC pipes together to a certain degree.  Maybe at least the side parts with the steps.  We didn't do this and it was kind of like a jigsaw puzzle the morning of the craft fair!  The other idea we had was to label them so we knew what was for the back and sides etc.

If I counted correctly this is how the riser breaks down in terms of pieces.

(16) elbows

(6) T joins

4-5 Boards (1" x 6" x 6')  5 would allow you to have to on the top back, one on each step and one on the bottom.  When we did our show we did not have one on the bottom (so 3 total) and it worked fine without but was just an option)

The sizes are shown on the photos below

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