Welcome to the NEW E & O Applique Website!
Welcome to the NEW E & O Applique Website!
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Help, I need to download my files!

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How do I download designs after I have purchased them?

Not to worry!  We want to be sure you can ALWAYS get your files.  Things happen, we get that!

When you purchase a design and you have completed your purchase you will see this screen.

Click on "Access Digital Content" to start your download.

This will take you to a page that lists everything you just purchased.  Click on the name of each item to download the zipped folder with the files and formats of each design.  Save them to your computer and they are there when you are ready for them!

What do I do if I lost my files or forgot to download them when I purchased them?

If you didn't have time or forgot to download them right after you purchased, don't worry!  We still have you covered.

You have two options.

First, you would have received an e-mail with a link to download your designs.  You can open that e-mail and click on "Access your content". 

This will take you directly to your download link

If you can't find that e-mail or it isn't working there is another option still (I told you, we have you covered)!

Simply go to our homepage, and at the top right click on "Log In"

Enter your e-mail address and password and then click "sign in"

This will take you to your account page.

The first thing you should see is a list of your orders and a button at the top of that area that says "My Downloads"  This is where you can get all of your downloads in one place!  No need to click on each order number!

If you want to download a file click the "My Downloads" button.

This will take you to a page that says "Your Library"

All your files will be listed here!

If you would like to download one of the files, simply click on the name.  Example, if I wanted to download the Unicorn Peeker Applique Design, I would click on the name

This will bring you to the download link for just that file

Once at this page, just click the name again and it will start to download the zipped folder with all the sizes and formats for you!

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