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Using Felties To Make Cupcake Toppers

Using your Felties to make Cupcake Toppers!
That's right...use those bad boys for things like Cupcake Toppers!!  When we sold embroidered items instead of the designs we sold TONS and TONS of cupcake toppers!  It started on a whim.  I was doing a gender reveal party and was desperate for turquoise and hot pink owls.  I couldn't find them anywhere so as I was stitching felties for an order I wondered if I could make them work.  Sure enough, I could!!
So I thought I would share the steps on how to take a feltie and turn it into a cupcake topper!  It's pretty simple and straightforward.  You can do these with pretty much any felties, not just ours!
Step 1
Gather your supplies!
  • Felties you want to use
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue Gun or strong craft glue (I usually use glue gun)
  • Sharp scissors
Step 2
After you have your felties trimmed to your liking turn them over.  You are going to make a small cut on the back bottom side.  For this example I am using our Emoji Ghost since it's close to Halloween ;)
So I turn it over and use my scissors to make a shallow cut so I am only cutting through the back piece of felt.  Once I have it cut I use my scissors to help make space for the glue and toothpick by gently wiggling them in that cut.
Step 3
Use your glue and place it in your slit.  Squeeze a bit in there and then remove your glue gun. 
Step 4
Right away take your toothpick and insert one end in the slit where the glue is.  Then gently press down on the felt around the toothpick to help the glue bond with the back piece of felt again and the toothpick.
Step 5
Let them cool and they are ready to go!

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