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Welcome to the NEW E & O Applique Website!
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What Do I Use The Color Chart For?

What do I use the Color Chart For?

When I first started in embroidery I was terrified of applique designs.  

I was lost how that would work and it sounded so complicated.  It can seem complicated but it really is quite easy and often faster.


Color Charts are the key to doing this!  They are a map to a beautiful design.


We'll use the circle applique design we have for free on here (that way if you want to try it out before purchasing we can do step by step together).  It's a very simple applique and I always find that's the best way to start.  Once you see how easy it is you'll want to dive into more complicated ones.

So, below is the color chart.  This comes with every one of our designs.  It will show you what is going to stitch and will include the overall picture of the design with it.

A tip for our designs.  We try to ALWAYS have the placement stitch in the same color of the satin stitch and the placement stitch in black.  We just find this a little more helpful so if it's a small imiage you can still figure out what is coming up next.

So, below you will see the first itme is a green box, 1 (this is the first color of the design) St: 288 tells you it has 288 stitches in this step.

So, you would hoop your item, place it on the machine and run step 1 directly on it.  This is the placement stitch.  It shows you where your fabric will go.

Color change 2 is Black and has 282 stitches.  The black is just to show the difference - you make it any color you like!  While actually doing the appliques, many of us do our placement stitch and tack down stitching in white for every applique.  This way you aren't changing your thread a ton of times ;)

So - BEFORE you run stitch number 2 you would get your fabric ready, place it over the tack down stitch making sure it covers all the area and then run stich 2 to tack the fabric down in place.  Some people us a little spray adhesive to keep the fabric in place, others (like myself) use a pair of scissors to just keep it in place.  I do suggest not using your fingers as the needles will sew right through them...I have pictures to prove this if you like.  9 months pregnant I showed up at the ER to have them remove the needle that went entirely through my finger and fingernail.  Thread still attached on the other side!  Learn from my mistakes here!


Now, after stitch 2 has stitched you will take your hoop off the machine but DO NOT UNHOOP your item!!!  Simply trim the fabric as close to the stitch line as possible and then place it back on your machine.

You are now read for step 3! 

Step 3 will run the satin stich to cover the edge of the fabric.  Let this run in the color that goes with your fabric (green here in the example)


Step 4 - White on the color chart - this design has a bean stitch.  

This will run on top of the satin stitch - just a thing I personally love on designs.  Gives it such a great finished look I think.  If you don't want this you can take your item off and unhoop it.  If you like the bean stitch run step 4 in the color of your choice and you are done!


There - you did your first applique!!

Now for more elaborate designs my designs always have each placement and the the tackdown for the fabrics to start - then the details and satin stitch after that.  So you would just do placement, tackdown, placement, tackdown etc.

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