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Welcome to the NEW E & O Applique Website!
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Gobble Motif Embroidery Design
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Gobble Motif Embroidery Design

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All Embroidery! Motif Fill Gobble Embroidery Design

Design comes in the following sizes:
4 Inch (3.85" x 1.57") 4,396 Stitches
5 Inch (5.03" x 2.06") 6,090 Stitches
6 Inch (5.82" x 2.38") 7,236 Stitches
7 Inch (7.00" x 2.86") 9,134 Stitches
8 Inch (7.78" x 3.18") 10,445Stitches
9 Inch (8.97" x 3.66") 12,497 Stitches
10 Inch (9.99" x 4.08") 14,725 Stitches

Download includes the following formats:


You MUST have an Embroidery Machine to use this design. You must also be able to transfer the design from your computer to your Embroidery Machine. This is not a stitched out patch or item.

If you have any problems please just let us know. All our designs have been tested several times but if for some reason there is an issue that was missed we are always happy to fix it.

Due to the digital nature of our products there are no refunds or exchanges. 

You may applique our designs for person or small business use. You must stitch items out. YOU CAN NOT EVER SHARE OR SELL OUR DIGITIZED DESIGNS. You cannot alter them to sell as your own digitized design.

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