Terms and Conditions

By purchasing our design you are agreeing to the following policies.

You are purchasing a digital embroidery or applique design to be used with an embroidery machine. This is not a stitched item, a physical patch or an image to use. 


You MUST have an embroidery machine AND a way of getting the designs to your machine such as embroidery software. There are tons of options for embroidery software and some of very inexpensive.

We cannot guarantee the quality of our designs if they have been altered in any way.

Any embellishments such as bows, crystals, names are not included in our designs. They are added to show what can be done to personalize our designs.

What you can do with our designs:

1. You can stitch our designs on items you have made or purchased for your own personal use.
2. You can stitch our designs on items you have made or purchased for your small business use. You may sell these items on websites such as Etsy, Artfire, your own website, craft fairs etc.
3. You may use our photos for example on your website(s) as long as they are not altered in any way and have our logo/watermark on them. You are not allowed to ever post any of our images without our watermark/logo.

What you cannot do with our designs:

1. You may NEVER share or sell our digital designs in way, shape or form. We work very hard on these designs. Please respect our time and business by not sharing or selling even part of our designs.

2. You cannot use any of our designs to create your own embroidery design for sale.

3. You cannot use our photos or designs to create screen print, vinyl designs, heat transfers or the like for any products. This is not allowed for personal as well as commercial use.

4. You cannot use our photos or designs for logos.

5. You cannot mass produce items with our designs or use them for wholesale products without prior consent from us.

Due to the digital nature of our designs there are no refunds or cancellations. Please be sure you know what your are purchasing (embroidery designs to be used with machine embroidery), know that you are purchasing the correct format as well as the fact that they will fit in your hoop(s). We will not issue refunds for purchasing the wrong item, if the design does not fit in your hoop or if we do not offer the format you need.

Any information you provide to us is held stricktly confidential.

Your information is only used to fulfill your order, contact you regarding your order and possibly legal items such as paying taxes.